Familly story

The story of two cigar-loving brothers

It all began with their travel agency in the Dominican Republic, and the desire to introduce their customers to real Dominican life through local culture and products.
Passionate about « puros », they set up a visit to an artisanal cigar factory. Wanting to please their customers, they came up with the idea of designing cigars in their own image to offer to tourists.
Following very positive feedback on the quality of their gifts, and in the face of growing demand, they decided to create their own ranges…….
ANTONELLA was born!

Cigars ranges
Blends of cigars
Our Services

We are not just a tobacco shop

We offer a wide range of quality products, an easy shopping process, express delivery and first-class service.
Our technology

We'd love to share the secrets of our production

Our founders

They organized our first tobacco plantation

Our company was founded in 2023. We work daily to become better and we are ready to share best practices.


Jérémy Besseyre


Yann Besseyre

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