About our company

One of the finest cigars company of Dominican Republic

Today, we produce 3 lines of cigars and more than 6 types of cigars with unique taste, strength and aroma.

The products we offer will be appreciated by true connoisseurs of quality tobacco. We use world-renowned tobacco varieties to produce our ranges.

Faithful to Dominican traditions, we are constantly improving our products and working to create new combinations with unique characteristics and unusual taste sensations.

The Dominican expertise

How the cigars are made

Our handcrafted cigars are made in the purest style of Dominican tradition, to provide to our customers products with an exceptional quality.
Our tobaccos are meticulously selected and controlled by our experts to guarantee an explosion of flavors and aromas in every tasting experience.

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Why our cigars
Good cigars starts with good tobacco

Our tobaccos come from the world capital of cigars, directly from the Santiago de los Caballeros region of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican quality

We offer a wide range of quality products, an easy shopping process and first-class service.

Broad variety

Different cigars ranges for aficionados
and neophytes alike

Team of professionals

Our team is here to advise you on the products best suited to your market

Family story

The story of two cigar-loving brothers

It all began with their travel agency in the Dominican Republic, and the desire to introduce their customers to real Dominican life through local culture and products.
Passionate about « puros », they set up a visit to an artisanal cigar factory. Eager to please their customers, they came up with the idea of designing cigars in their own image to offer to tourists.
Following very positive feedback on the quality of their gifts, and in the face of growing demand, they decided to create their own ranges…….
ANTONELLA was born!

Jérémy and Yann Besseyre

Funders & CEO

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We offer a wide range of quality products, an easy shopping process, express delivery and first-class service.